TravelWelcome first time flyers to our resource site for first-time air passengers

As a first-time air passenger, you might find your experience both confusing and exciting. There are a lot of issues and routines that you, as a first time flyer, should know about. The problem is that nobody gives you these advices since most passengers are returning passenger or frequent flyers that consider the whole process of flying as natural.  

At this site you will find the most important information that first time flyers should be familiar with: Considerations when buying tickets, considerations when packing the luggage, what to do and where to go at the airport, considerations during the flight, how to handle transfers, where to pick up your baggage and security issues.

You should not panic, although the process of using air transportation might seem confusing the first time(s). When you are familiar with the routines, you will find air transportation to be a comfortable way of traveling.

The most important advice you can get is however this: Remember that all other travelers on the airport are, or have been, first time flyers. Do not be afraid to ask employees or other passenger for help.

Enough for introduction, what do you want to need more about?

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